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Online Poker Tournament Players can Purchase Bubble Insurance

Posted by Dave on November 24, 2011 at 12:52 GMT+0000

Bubble ProtectionFor online tournament poker players who often find themselves just missing finishing in-the-money, a Las Vegas company is offering a unique type of insurance that will refund the buy-in and rake to players who finish on the bubble.

Although finishing on the bubble in a tournament is most often referred to as the sole player who just misses cashing out, has developed a “bubble range” that will protect the top 10% of tourney entrants who fall outside of the cashout structure.

As an example, say 1,000 players enter a poker tournament and the payout structure affords a profit to 10% or 100 of the entrants. The bubble calculation will be the next 10% or 100 places. So if you happen to finish in the 101st to 200th place of the event, the tourney buy-in and rake will be refunded to you, provided that you purchased bubble protection within 10 minutes after the tournament’s starting time.

We want to give players the ability to enjoy the game they love more often and more profitably through bankroll preservation, and variance reduction through the use of our proprietary Bubble Protection technology,” said Bubble Protection CEO Eugene Castro.

Bubble Protection is currently available to non-U.S. poker players for various selected tournaments scheduled at Party Poker, PokerStars and on the iPoker Network. The bubble protection site is endorsed by Chris Moorman, the British poker pro who is recognized as the winning-est player in online poker history with more than $7.5 million in earnings. is the brainchild of a consortium of top professionals with over 100 years of combined experience at the top levels of the gaming, technology, economic and customer service industries,” according to the website.

In establishing the concept of bubble insurance, Bubble Protection developers claim that they wanted to assist online players who weren’t achieving optimum results in tournament play. “Bubble Protection’s genesis was the asking of a simple question, what is the single most effective way to help online poker players improve their poker results?” Castro said.

In a scan of the website, it appears as though bubble insurance will cost 12% of the buy-in. A $22 buy-in will run $2.64 for a player wanting bubble protection, a $33 buy-in results in a bubble insurance fee of $3.96, and $51 and $109 tourney entry fees will be protected at rates of $6.12 and $13.08, respectively. Should you finish in-the-money or out of the bubble range in any tournament in which you purchase bubble insurance, Bubble Protection keeps the fee.

There is no need to apply for or file a claim to be reimbursed your tournament entry fee for a tourney in which you have purchased protection and finish in the bubble range. Bubble Protection monitors that for you and automatically credits your account at the bubble insurance website, not your player’s account at the poker rooms.

I highly recommend players use It’s a great management tool,” Moorman is quoted as saying on the website. For more information, visit