UK Poker Tour Poker News Huge Bonuses on Offer With Paddy Power’s Iron Man Promotion

Huge Bonuses on Offer With Paddy Power’s Iron Man Promotion

Posted by Tom on July 29, 2011 at 11:00 GMT+0000

Paddy Power PokerOnline grinders should get themselves over to Paddy Power immediately to take advantage of the “the enormous value on offer” with the website’s latest promotion in their poker category…namely Iron Man.

This most recent promotion provides poker fans with the opportunity to collect bonuses valued at up to $4,000 (about £2,460 or €2,800) throughout the whole of next month.

Customers who play regularly between August 1 and 31 will gain more Paddy Points towards the fabulous Iron Man bonuses on offer, with giveaways ranging from a $250 (£154/€175) freeroll entry all the way up to that four grand cash windfall.

For example, if a customer plays five days in August, racking up at least 50 points per day, they will receive an entry into a $250 freeroll, while those determined enough to play for 25 days from 31– collecting a minimum of 10,000 points each day – will earn the biggest bonus.

There are numerous levels in between, however, with customers who log in to play 15 days in August, picking up at least 500 points each day, earning a $50 (£31/€35) bonus.

Furthermore, all players who pick up a cash prize will receive entry into a $2,000 (£1,230/€1,400) freeroll.

Incidentally, the bonuses are calculated on total days played and not successive days’ play, so there’s no need to panic of you miss out a few days in your quest for the prizes.

Of course, the best thing to do is get on over to Paddy Power to check out every offer available, decide what is best for you…then get stuck in. Good luck, folks.

Additionally, Paddy Power are offering double Paddy Points to customers who play while their Happy Hours are running, with those possessing a Green Card also being offered a 20% reduction at the VIP store.

Paddy Power, the communications manager at, said that “players will no doubt notice the enormous value on offer on these days”, before adding that “we’ve felt that there is no better time to give back to our players and so that’s exactly what we are doing”.

Paddy continued by stating that, “with the newly-launched Iron Man promotion, Paddy’s Green Card and the popular Happy Hours all running at once, I’m certain the grinders out there will waste no time in taking advantage of what’s on offer – they deserve no less!”

So, what are you waiting for? Get over to Paddy Power and, if you haven’t already signed up, there is a huge bonus available of as much as $2,000 when becoming a member.