Leg 7 Grand Final

GUKPT Grand Final London 2011

The climax of this year´s Grosvenor UK Poker Tour takes place at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London over two weeks from Monday 21st November to Sunday 4th December. After a fantastic schedule which has seen poker of the highest quality played around the country, “The Vic” provides an excellent venue for the highlight of GUKPT 2011.

Situated just off of the A5 Edgware Road, and within walking distance of Oxford Street, Hyde Park and Marble Arch, the Grosvenor Victoria Casino is one of London´s leading gaming venues – offering clients a fully equipped casino, full restaurant and bar facilities and some fabulous live entertainment.

The entertainment will be of a different nature when the GUKPT Grand Final commences, in a new extended format which sees the inclusion of the World Heads Up Championship, but sadly no Champion of Champions event which is now being played online in the week following each leg of the GUKPT.

GUKPT Final London 2011 Main Event

A total of 16 events are scheduled within the two week GUKPT Grand Final – many of which take place over two days this year – with the Main Event still retaining its place as the feature tournament of the year. The £2.500.00 + £125.00 tournament is one of the most valuable played in the UK, and last year saw Vietnamese pro poker player Leon Bui scoop the £144.905 winners prize ahead of 206 competitors.

For those who have not quite got the bankroll to fund entry into the Main Event, qualification can be won through a series of “Super Satellite” live events which form part of the side event schedule, or via any of the “Super Sunday Satellites” help at GrosvenorCasinos.com each Sunday evening. Buy-in for the online qualifier which guarantees four seats to the GUKPT Main Event of your choice is £250.00 and there is also a qualification process which runs daily on the site, enabling players to participate in the Sunday Super Satellites from a freeroll level.

GUKPT Grand Final London 2011 Side Events

As mentioned above, the side events have been extended over a two week period to give the GUKPT Grand Final a higher profile than in previous years. Many of the events offer valuable prizes, points towards the richest poker rankings program in Europe – the GUKPT Leaderboard – and winners of each event compete in an online Grand Final Champion of Champions tournament during the week after the GUKPT Grand Final has concluded.

The full schedule of side events for GUKPT London Grand Final 2011 is as follows:-

Monday 21st November £300 + £30 NL Hold’em Re-buy Super Satellite ten seat guarantee 7.30pm

Tuesday 22nd November £300 + £30 NL Hold’em Freeze-out 7.30pm (2 days)

Wednesday 23rd November £250 + £25 NL Hold’em Re-Entry Freeze-out 7.30pm (2 days)

Thursday 24th November £250 + £25 NL Hold’em 6 Max Freeze-out 7.30pm (2 days)

Friday 25th November £2000 + £200 World Heads Up Championship 2.00pm (4 days)

Friday 25th November £300 + £30 PL Omaha Freeze-out 7.30pm

Saturday 26th November £600 + £75 NL Hold’em Freeze-out Super Satellite to Main Event 6.00pm (2 days)
Saturday 26th November £150 + £15 NL Hold’em Turbo Freeze-out 9.00pm

Sunday 27th November £100 + £10 PL Omaha Re-buy 9.00pm

Monday 28th November £200 + £20 NL Hold’em Freeze-out 7.30pm (2 days)

Tuesday 29th November £350 + £35 NL Hold’em Freeze-out 7.30pm (2 days)

Thursday 1st December £350 + £35 NL Hold’em Freeze-out Super Satellite 7.30pm

Saturday 3rd December £500 + £50 Dealers Choice Double Chance Freeze-out 6.00pm (2 days)

Sunday 4th December £300 + £30 NL Hold’em Freeze-out Bounty Booster 5.00pm