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3 Card Brag The New Poker?

Posted by Tom on November 25, 2010 at 1:50 GMT+0000

It’s new to the online World but not to us UK poker fanatics who most likely spend our youth playing 3 card brag in the local red lion. Now however 3 card brag is available online courtesy of betfred and it could be set to be the next big thing when it comes to online card games?

Brag is a simple yet excellent game and appeals to gamblers rather than those of us who drool over the latest poker strategy and advanced techniques. 3 card brag is sure to fill the gap that currently exists between casino house games and multi-player online poker, a middle ground where you can just gamble, bet blind and even blind drunk.

In our opinion it will be a welcome break and a blast from the past for some of the older poker players (those in their late 20’s and above) who used to love nothing more than a few pints and a god game of 3 card brag!

There is of course 3 card brag strategy available but who’s going to read that? But, we do think if you put what you have learned while mastering the online poker table to use playing 3 card brag then there will most definitely be money to be made.

The online game of brag does differ from that you may be used to, the deck is shuffled after every hand and you can draw cards after the first round of betting. hats all to stop being able to count the cards and make it fairer, it’s also safer as your not likely to get punched in the nose for turning a prial over when you’ve been betting blind for 50 rounds!

You can read more about the game, streaty and loads more at the best 3 card brag site dedicated to this classic game.

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